Gotico-Antiqua, Proto-Roman, Hybrid

The poster presents full glyph sets of typefaces which are characterized by a tension between gothic and roman forms, in the transitory period of 1459-1482 when the first humanistic letterforms were translated into type, and, 400 years later, when some of these atypical types were revived by Private Presses in England and Germany before they went again forgotten.

Based on collective workshops in eleven design schools and libraries in France, Germany and Italy, Alexis Faudot and Rafael Ribas collected the sources of fifteen typefaces and revived them digitally. The poster was released at the occasion of the “Gotico-Antiqua, Proto-Roman, Hybrid. 15th century typefaces between gothic and roman” exhibition and symposium at the National Institute of Typographic Research (ANRT) in Nancy in 2019, which hosted the research programme since 2017.

Typefaces by Johann Fust & Peter Schöffer, Konrad Sweynheim & Arnold Pannartz, Johannes & Vindelinus de Spira, Johann Zainer, Johann Parix, Adolf Rusch (The printer with the R-Bizarre), the Au Soufflet Vert workshop, Adam Rot, Emery Walker, Edward Prince, St John Hornby, Sidney Cockerel, Harry Kessler, Edward Johnston, Rudolf Koch.

The poster is part of the collection of Letterform Archive, San Francisco.
The typefaces were released as Open Source fonts (find the download link below).

A1 poster [59,4 × 84,1 cm]
Black offset printing on 170 gr paper
Limited edition of 100, numbered
Shipped unframed

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