The Print Licence (also called Desktop) is a non-exclusive, non-transferable per user licence.
Multi-User licence are for different users within one legal entity and on one geographical location.
It is unlimited in time and in number of edited documents (texts, images, video non-broadcast).
The files are delivered in OpenType PS format and work in Apple and Windows systems.
Embedding in PDF files must be in read-only mode.


The Web licence covers an non-exclusive, non-transferable dynamic use of self-hosted font files per website.
It is unlimited in time and visitors/page views. A licence is needed for each domain, which can include sub-domains.
The Web font files are delivered in WOFF and WOFF2 (TTF) format supported by modern browers.
The font files have to be installed on your server and used via a CSS style sheet.
You have to enshure that the font files are not hot-linked, and garanty a relative protection against illegal download.


The App/eBook licence is an non-exclusive, non-transferable per-title licence, unlimited in time and downloads.
It covers the embedding of the fonts for read-only purposes in either one eBook or interactive PDF or game or software or app.
The files are delivered in OpenType TTF format and work in multiple operating desktop and mobile systems.
The fonts may not be embedded directly in standalone electronic devices or any hardware.

Other licences

Seperate licences are needed and available upon request to install the font files on a server, an electronic device or any other hardware, the use in movie titles, TV broadcasting and for a product or identity of a corporation getting significant value (brands, logos).


You can test the fonts on this website, and find detailled information in the downloadable PDF specimen.
We offer trial fonts (limited character set, no features) for testing only purposes on demand.


Students can contact us with a valid ID card to benefit of a significant 50% discount.
Fonts are fully functional and licences continue to be valid after the studies.


Discounts apply by a growing number of users or different fonts within a font family (packs).
You can upgrade at any moment paying only the difference of the respective prices (take contact).


It is strictly forbidden to convert, transform, adapt, modify, transfert, distribute or resell the font files in any way.
Each licence is nominative and must be purchased directly by the respective user.