Almost is a typeface between gothic and roman. Based on in-depth research, it was designed by Jérôme Knebusch in 2012-2019 in five weights and two styles, Gothic and Roman. More than 1800 glyphs are present in each of the styles. They can be endlessly combined, taking either a roman or gothic departure, without falling in a strong, broken script nor becoming a ‘pure’ roman design. Above, uncialesque and bizarre (byzantine) letterforms and a full set of initials complete the fonts. They can be activated through stylistic features, and offer more possibilitites of gothic-roman hybridisations. All take their inspiration in the 15th century, specifically in the period of 1459-1482 with Gotico-Antiqua typefaces like the ‘Durandus’ of Fust & Schöffer, the first type to present a humanistic tendency, probably based on the hand of Petrarch. A few years later Sweynheim & Pannartz use a type in Subiaco which some consider to be the first roman although gothic influences remain clearly visible. Roman type was finally defined in 1469-70 in Venice by the ‘de Spira’ brothers and Nicolas Jenson. But roman did not precipitate the death of gothic forms, mixtures of gothic and roman were tried out and the two co-existed for some time. Almost is a hommage to these types, which represent a unique, transitory moment in history of typography. Some were revived by English Private Presses and German typefoundries in the early 20th century, before they went once more largely forgotten.

The design of Almost is destinated to the contemporary reader. They fonts can be used from expressive headlines to legible, continious texts. All contain an extended Latin glyph set covering many languages and advanced OpenType features: small capitals, several figure ranges (lining, old style, small caps, tabular and proportional), superiors & inferiors, fractions, case sensitive punctuation for capitals and small capitals, ligatures and many alternates. Most of them share identical metrics, so that texts lenghts do not change when glyphs are replaced. All possible combinations between the glyphs have been carefully kerned.

Almost was awarded with the Certificate of Typographic Excellence in 2020 by the Type Directors Club, New York City.

Try out the typefaces below (limited character set, ligatures & contextual alternates activated).
Please note that only Almost Roman and Almost Gothic are fonts. The other styles are obtained through features.
Before purchasing, make shure your editing software supports OpenType Stylistic Sets (like Adobe InDesign).
Webfonts can activate all features. Look up the PDF specimen below for detailled information.