‘What if' is a typical question for an alternate history scenario, also called Uchronia: choose a starting point in history and imagine a different outcome. Based on Futura Fett, released by the Bauer Foundry in Frankfurt in 1928, the type was pushed to extreme blackness without loosing its historical reference nor becoming a caricature. Decisions Paul Renner took to achieve maximum boldness like opening the counters of some letters were taken even further. The typeface, designed by Constantin Pfeiffer & Jérôme Knebusch, was initially created during a workshop at the Gutenberg Museum Mainz at the occasion of the 'Futura. Die Schrift' exhibition in 2017. It has a single weight (among the blackest one can find), five widths and respective oblique versions. The glyphset is extended with Futura's historical alternates, ‘Schmuck-Elemente' (decorative geometric forms) and a complete range of thin punctuation marks and diacritics. The fonts contain an extended Latin glyph set covering many languages and advanced OpenType features: several figure ranges (lining, old style, tabular and proportional), superiors & inferiors, fractions and case sensitive punctuation for capitals. For more information find a detailled PDF specimen below.

If works in very big sizes, the bigger the better. A variable font version interpolates fluidly all styles, test out below.
The typeface is offered for environmental & socially engaged projects! Please contact us with some project infos.