The material discovery of the alphabet

Pedagogical materiality covers all media, tools, objects, toys and devices dedicated to the transmission of knowledge. In short, all the ‘things' which accompany educational activity, regardless of the place in which it occurs. Because this materiality is expressed in terms of properties perceptible through the senses, its uses are particularly popular throughout the pre-school period and in early-learning methods. Éloïsa Pérez's essay discusses examples from the early 19th century until today. It is structured in three parts: constructing (the letter), guiding (the movement through trajectory and tracing) and composing (the word). The pamphlet is accompanied by the edition of an exclusive capital lettering template and two postcards. Edited by Alice Savoie and Jérôme Knebusch in the Poem Pamphlet series. Available in English or French. Translated into English by Nigel Briggs.

English or French texts
24 pages, 12×20 cm
Offset print on uncoated paper
Glossy UV varnish
Saddle stitch binding

Lettering template 12 × 20 × 0,3 cm
High quality fluorescent plexiglas
Two postcards, offset print on uncoated paper

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