Häusliches Leben. Schattenbilder von Rudolf Koch [Domestic Life. Silhouettes by Rudolf Koch] is a small book from the Leipzig-based Insel publishers’ library series. It was first published in 1934, the year Rudolf Koch died. The book presents reproductions of 25 paper-cut silhouettes illustrating domestic scenes of Koch’s family life. These had previously appeared in one of Koch’s monumental albums, Das Leben einer Familie in Schattenbildern (1919). Some silhouettes include lettering – as motifs within the illustrations or as captions. One silhouette’s caption, cut in 1915, features a fascinating style of letter that Koch later popularized with his Neuland typeface (last picture on this page). Koch’s dear friend Ernst Kellner, director of the fabled Offizin Haag-Drugulin printing house in Leipzig, wrote the book’s afterword. The book takes the traditional Insel-Bücherei format and is 18,5 cm tall. For collectors, this is Insel-Bücherei N° 124.

Poem has tracked the best antiquarian copies. They are all in excellent condition, fully intact, they have only slight signs of wear, no stamps nor ownermarks, no written mentions.

Häusliches Leben. Schattenbilder von Rudolf Koch
Insel-Bücherei N° 124
Insel-Verlag Leipzig
Original edition of 1934
Hardcover, 64 pages
12×18,5 cm

The pamphlet Making Neuland by Dan Reynolds is offered with the book (automatically added to the cart).

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